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About Brad

I found my calling to photography relatively late, around 2005, well after I had established a career in the IT industry. I was armed with a decent camera (at the time) and, more importantly, the encouragement of my very supportive wife and a few friends. I can’t say for sure if this encouragement was warranted, but nevertheless this support and my curiosity to explore different visual perspectives sparked a new-found passion.

I started shooting weddings initially and loved tapping into the emotion an image could generate. I gradually learned that the thing I was drawn to was the connection – the connection between us as people and the language of photography. This desire to tap into the human spirit shifted my focus toward portrait photography.

Nowadays, I love to find the natural beauty in my subjects. I have come to appreciate a woman’s perspective on beauty and believe I can find it in every session. My sessions are a complete makeover experience for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, colours and creeds. You will look unbelievable and feel fantastic.