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The Healthy Look

Over the past 9 months or so I’ve been on a bit of a journey toward better health mostly through diet changes. Far from being a health freak or a gym junkie, a series of events has triggered me and my family to look at our health more closely. This was not because there was anything in particular that was wrong with us medically, but simply a piqued interest in our general health.

We did some tests to understand food intolerances with some interesting if not surprising results. We gave up or cut back caffeine and I become interested in the effects of sugar on the body, particularly refined sugar. We also did tests that showed we had no naturally occurring  good bacteria in our guts.

What we’ve seen so far is that little shifts in a few things, like cutting back on sugar; taking some supplements and refraining from foods we have an intolerance for has made a big difference. We’re feeling much healthier and our immune systems seem to be much stronger than before.

The 4 week diet

The thing that worries me is that it’s so common now to hear about people dieting to lose weight, to reach some empirical goal like lose 10 kgs in 4 weeks, without consideration as to whether it’s better for them. I guess the assumption is that losing weight must be healthy… Now this is not an article designed to make people feel guilty about doing this, not in the least; it’s more a comment on the social norms of our society. Who could blame anyone for doing this when every magazine you pick up shows you size 0 models next to articles making fun of a celebrity who’s looking a little chubby recently and then hits you with “you too can lose 10 kgs in 4 weeks” with the latest fad diet.

My Philosophy

I’m all for people who have made positive changes to their lifestyle to lose weight and get healthy, of course, but I believe that when you do what’s healthy for your mind and your body – you will shine!

If you take some positive steps towards changing your lifestyle and treating your body better; nourish your mind by focusing on the gratitude you have for everything positive in your life and sharing it with the people you love, your beauty will radiate. People will notice this change and feel more compelled to be around you. And if you did have aspirations of losing some weight, that will most likely happen too, once everything is in balance, you’re feeling good about yourself and you’re treating your body well.

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Love and respect your body first and the rest will follow…

Healthy Mind + Healthy Body = Looking Fabulous!


One of the reasons I do this is because I want to show / remind people that they are beautiful, no matter where they are in their life…

I’m going to be looking for some people that have transformed themselves, by changing their approach to life – promoting an improved self image. If this is you or someone you know, I’d love to know about it and have the opportunity to treat them to a beauty portrait session in my studio, as well as tell their story so they can be an inspiration to others. Please tell me your story or nominate someone who you think is deserving.


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